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 You  may place  order at anytime and we will ship when harvest begins and notify you when shipped .  Currently ship U.S.P.S and box contains 25-50 peices of fruit depending on size.  You will reieve within two to three days when shipped.

Bar L Citrus is located off Interstate 10 between Pensacola and Tallahassee.  It is part of Bar L Ranch which is a well known Beef Cattle Operation   The Ranch has been in operation by family since early 1900's and Citrus grove was planted in spring of 2003.  Consist of 750 satsuma and Lee Tangerine trees. 

All fruit is harvested by hand which is one of the steps we take to ensure quality.  We practice Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and have a Food Safety Audit completed begining of each harvest season by USDA.  

Our packing facility is on-site and USDA approved for shipping and is another step in quality by processing and packing fruit same day as harvested.


Bar L Citrus is currently operated by three generation.

Land is owned by Ryder Laramore who has residence on property. His father Herman Laramore previously owned and resided on property and his father Audie Laramore had originally bought property in middle of 1900's.  Now land will go to 4th generation Landan Ryder Laramore.

Land is located at 4141 Laramore rd, Marianna, FL 32448 which is in Jackson County. 

Welcome to visit anytime call ahead to be sure we are around property.



It is an old fashion tangerine that has zipper skin allowing easy peeling, sweet and basically seedless.  They are part of the mandrian family and are very cold hardy trees survivie tempertures as low as 14F.  Satsumas grown by Bar L  are the best available due to the rich soil, hot summers and cold winters.

In 2018 Hurricane Micheal Hit with 150 mph winds trees remained in the ground but fruit was lost and trees were damaged.

Ryder Satsumas

Video of grove and property



Jackson County

In the begining of the 20th centuryJackson County was home to the Satsuma Industry.  There were over 3000 acres in production in the 1920's and were shipped by railcar to cities in the north such as Chicogo.  There were annual festivals attracting over 30,000 vistors.  The area became known as satsuma capital of the world.  However the depression came and groves were hit with severe freezes killing most of the trees and with no money available they were not replanted.

Thanks to the University of Florida and Aburn University

Agriculture research departments of University of Florida and Alburn University  developed cold protection using microjets.  It is  accomplished by spraying trees with  water and as it freezes produces heat  maintaining 32 degrees which is not threatening to trees.

Farm to School Program

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Bar L Satsumas

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Drone video over grove and packing house

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit anytime the months of November and December and purchase fresh box of satsumas, tangerines, navel oranges, lemons or grapefruit.

Bar L Citrus

4141 Laramore rd, Marianna, FL 32448, us

(850) 209-5506


We are open daily the months of November and December or call ahead.

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